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A Personal loan is provided to meet your personal and consumption needs like enjoying a vacation trip, purchasing a vehicle or home appliances, renovation of house, marriage of children and many other similar requirements. It is usually taken by borrowers who are looking for quick and easy loans with manageable interest rate and minimum documentation. You can use a personal loan as per your convenience without being monitored for the actual end usage. The amount gets credited in your account and repayment is in easy monthly instalments including interest within a fixed period of time. Be at our service and fulfil your dreams through personal loans easily. Click here to apply for a loan online.

Our highlights as a personal loan provider

  • Low interest rates , Pre-determined EMI calculated on diminishing interest
  • Less processing charges
  • No security required, minimal documentation
  • Transparency in dealings
  • Better and quick repayment options
  • Hassle-free processing
  • Loan disbursed within a day

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of availing a personal loan from us?

  • Priority processing
  • Disbursement within 24hrs with direct credit to the customer’s account
  • Simple documentation

How much loan I can avail?

  • Minimum amount of Rs50, 000/-to maximum of Rs 5 Lac.

How do I repay my personal Loan?

  • Repay in equated monthly instalments through NACH or online. Payment can be made through branches also.

What security do I need to obtain personal Loan?

  • One guarantor with substantial means and stipulated monthly income.

What is the repayment tenure granted for a Personal Loan?

  • We offer you a flexible tenure ranging from 12 to 48 months according to the loan schemes.

What are the types of Personal Loans available?


  • Monthly salary not less than Rs 15000/- and FOIR not above 50%.
  • Salaried guarantor with salary not less than 15000/-. Self-employed/business guarantor with sufficient income supported by ITR or LTR or business proof.
  • LTR ownership proof for loans of Rs 1,00,000/- and above.


  • Monthly income not less than Rs.25000/-and FOIR not above 60%.
  • Two guarantors required if loan amount exceeds Rs.2L of which one should be salaried with a salary not less than Rs.20000/- and if guarantor is self-employed/business, ITR or LTR or business proof is required.
  • Own house or house in the name of parents/spouse is mandatory with LTR. In case of LTR in the name of parents/, he/she should join as additional guarantor.


  • Employees from Govt. Sector, PSUs and listed Companies drawing monthly salary not less than Rs.50000/- . FOIR shall not be above 60%.
  • Minimum one guarantor with a monthly income of not less than Rs.25000/-.
  • Own house or house in the name of parents/spouse is mandatory with LTR. In case of LTR in the name of parents/spouse, he/she should join as additional guarantor.


Is there any charges or fee payable for availing Personal Loans?

  • An upfront fee called the processing fee is payable by the applicant when he applies for the loan. The rate of the processing fee ranges from 1.5% to 2.5% of the amount inclusive of service tax according to the loan schemes.

Can I close the loan prior to the end of its term? (Pre-closure)

  • Yes, you can with absolutely no charges for pre-closure.

How soon can I get the loan amount disbursed?

  • In 24 hours, if all the required documents are submitted within time.

What is the best way to apply for a Personal Loan?

You can apply for a Vehicle Loan in any of the following ways

  • Visit any of our branches at your nearest location
  • Visit
  • Connect us on 180030001555
  • whatsApp us @ +91 99460 86666 anytime anywhere