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  • Unique triple layered security for your gold
  • Quick sanction and disbursal
  • Easy documentation
  • Part Payment Facility
  • Varieties of Schemes to choose from
  • NEFT & RTGS Facility
  • Over Draft Facility

Documents required

  • Identity Proof  
  • Address proof 

All about our GOLD LOAN scheme

Slab Name Min Loan Amount Max Loan Amount Interest Rate LTV Min PF
PGL (Premium Gold Loan) 5000 2500000 21% 75% 200
BGL(Business Gold Loan) 5000 2500000 18% 75% 500
OGL(Online Gold Loan) 5000 2500000 18% 75% 500

Frequently asked questions

Why take a Gold Loan from UAE Exchange India?

In a market with numerous big and small players, it is very important that you find a loan scheme that is reliable, hassle free and without traps. UAE Exchange has been in the Indian financial sector for almost two decades and we are an organization with reach throughout the nation. We are a public limited company licensed by RBI as an NBFC and an AD-II. All services provided by UAE Exchange are done with the necessary certifications and approvals from the designated authorities.

This makes us a reliable partner in your situations of need.

What security is required against the Gold Loan?

Gold Loans are disbursed against your gold deposited with us. Your gold is tested for quality and valued. Based on the weight of the gold you intend to pledge, the loan amount is calculated and disbursed, after very simple and fast documentation.

What will be the tenure of Gold loan?

Our Gold Loans are available for tenures ranging between 6 months to 1 Year.

How long does it take to process Gold Loan?

It is our commitment to complete the processing required for your Gold loan in the least duration of time and make it as hassle free as we possibly can. Therefore, our processing is designed so as to let the customer leave with the loan amount in as less as 15 minutes, although this is subject to the requisite verifications and documentations being completed. Once the customer submits all the required documents, our staff after finishing the required paperwork, will disburses the loan as quickly as possible.

Who is eligible to avail UAE Exchange Gold loans? What security has to be provided?

Any person who is over the age of 18 years is eligible to avail of a Gold Loan. The Loan is disbursed against security of gold jewelry (within 18 to 22 carats) provided at the branch from where such loan is availed from. The amount available to be disbursed will be wholly based on the valuation of the gold, valued for weight and purity according to the process prescribed by UAE Exchange for the purpose. The weight of stones affixed on the ornaments will be deducted for the purpose of valuation in accordance with standard procedure.

Are the pledged gold ornaments safe and secure with UAE Exchange India?

Your trust is precious to us and so is your gold. We have vaults and safes that are built as per standards and specifications in each of our branches. The gold that you deposit with us as security is stored in these vaults. In addition to this, the entire lot of pledged gold in each branch is insured for its full value. Apart from all this, each of our branches is under surveillance 24 x 7 guarded by trained security personnel and by using electronic surveillance technology.

Whether partial payments into the loan and interest are accepted?

Of course, any payment at any time toward either your loan or interest is fully acceptable and that too from any of our branches across India. This is apart from the feature that interest is calculated only on the balance principal amount at any given point in time.

How can customers settle the loan account and get back the gold ornaments?

While redeeming your gold from us, you simply bring back the Xpress Loan Receipt issued at the time of disbursing the loan, to our branch from where the loan was availed. When you hand the receipt over and inform our staff of your decision to close the loan, you will be provided with details of the outstanding amount towards the principal and the interest. Once the entire outstanding amount is remitted, your loan account is closed forthwith and your gold is handed back against an acknowledgement from you confirming receipt of the same.

Can I partialy release my Gold?

Yes, if you so desire, you can make small lump sum payments comprising of the interest due at the time as well as a portion of the principal and the gold valued at the amount you remit can be released to you, subject to conditions thereof.

If I am unable to repay before the due date, would I be charged a penalty?

With UAE Exchange you have the ease of mind that even if you are unable to occasionally make timely payment of interest, the interest rate does not change or escalate. The rate of interest remains constant.